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After 25 years of operating as a sole proprietorship David Eaton Architect Inc. was incorporated February, 2009, with David Eaton as principal.

While working in partnership with Coast Architectural Group since 1982, David has always taken the opportunity to put more of his own personality and talents into his forte of hospitality, residential and commercial design. Working relationships have been established with management and specialist consulting firms in the greater Vancouver area for the provision of comprehensive and multi-disciplinary team of experts.

We have established close relationships with all of our clients, being particularly responsive and listening to their needs in a creative and sympathetic way. We also have a thorough understanding of constraints of time and budget, endeavoring to render the highest professional service.

With over 30 years experience, the firm has a broad experience in all phases of project feasibility, design and construction administration. Emphasis has been on the human scale in architecture and to be respectful of and responsive to the environment, it's challenges and opportunities...
...David provides a strong design and administrative talent to the team. He also coordinates with the consultants and contributes his sources and knowledge. David enjoys all aspects of design, often going past architecture in interior design and landscape design.

David Eaton Architect Inc. is a very experienced team of talented individuals that provides smart design solutions to make every project 'a winner' for all involved.