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David Eaton

Architect / Principal, MAIBC

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David graduated from UBC in geography in 1974. He then spent the balance of the 70's split between attending the UBC School of Architecture, working in the architecture field (Lort and Lort Architects and Vancouver Park Board) and attending architecture school in Japan for one term.

In 1979, David graduated from UBC and for the next three years received the introductory course about the practice of architecture under the tutelage of William Graham Consultants and Willis Cunliffe Tait Delcan and Neil Pelman Architects. In the fall of 1982 David launched his own private practice, designing primarily single family homes...
Finding the economic climate somewhat challenging at the time, he found Kevin Ryan operating as Coast Architectural Group in Gibson's. Of like minds, they joined up and designed hundreds of buildings over the next 25 years or so.
In late 2008, with the economy being challenging again, the opportunity arose to start again and the new firm was born.