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Abbott House

Kelowna, BC

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This was the first project to be developed in the historic area of Pandosy Village of Kelowna, comprised predominantly of World War 2 bungalows. The Planning Department determined in 2004 that they wanted the neighbourhood to densify, and were looking at this site to be the model for the future. In the early stages extensive neighbourhood information meetings were held to ascertain the direction that the community wished this development and the neighbourhood to go.

The area residents liked the images of Kitsilano and Kerrisdale neighbourhoods in Vancouver. Further the community was looking for ground-oriented townhouses to be located around all sides of the building and facade that stepped back from the street ...
... to diminish the 4 storey building height. The Parks Department requested a link from the water across Abbott Street to the landlocked linear West Avenue Park. The City of Kelowna was to purchase and demolish the house across the street to facilitate this connection and access to this park required a gap in the middle of the site. Rather than create two separate buildings, one building was designed with a bridge at the 3rd and 4th floors. This gap is approximately 15 metres wide and required an arched glulam truss that is supported at 4 points with concrete piers.